CCTV Security & Control Systems in Dubai

CCTV Surveillance Systems

We provide you the best security systems for home and businesses needs. CCTVs allows you to remotely monitor specific areas or locations via video feed from security cameras. We offer great varieties in cameras and related equipments.


  • Real Time Live & playback
  • Recording on motion detection.
  • Seamless integration with alarm system… View more details

Gate Barriers & Control

Monitoring the access to your premises is important, and gates and barriers play an important part in allowing access to your business area. Automatic gates and barriers can ensure that only authorized visitors are entering the premises.

Apart from an ideal solution for controlling vehicle transit, Gate Barriers also play a defining role in marking your territory and its clear boundary.

New Line Systems has a wide range of products in the entry control system category. Depending upon the need and the ascension of degree of passage required, New Line Systems provides flap barriers; swing gates for… View more details

Access Control Systems

One striking aspect of access control process is how the system relies on the person in question co- operating with it; in order to be effective, it requires the subject to willingly interact with the system. Access Control software, even with video integration, is designed for this type of installation. Video functionality is often a basic “live video” pop up, giving visual verification along with the Access Control database information.

Unfortunately, Access Control systems are ill-equipped to deal with an intruder actively seeking to bypass the system by forcing entry bypassing controlled entry points. In cases such as this, basic video display… View more details

Audio – Visual Systems

Access control systems are complex and multidimensional electronic systems. Conventional doors with mechanical locks or mechanical turnstiles with watchman can also be attributed to the control system, but it is impossible to stick the watchman to each door. In such cases, access control system comes to the aid, allowing only authorized and targeted access to specially protected areas.

The main direction of current AVS is their intellectualization, that is, the maximization of the ability to transmit and process data, and to find solutions with the help of computers and mechanical means of AVS. As a result, when we talk about… View more details

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