What is an Intercom System?

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Intercom systems are the electronic communication devices with circuits for audio and/or video transmission and receiving. Though the use of intercom systems are reduced a lot in recent years due to the other wireless communication methods, these applications still have a prominent place in our lives. Wireless intercom systems are widely used in Dubai, due to the low cost and ease of use. It is very convenient with its ready to use system that anyone can operate. Most of the modern solutions link to the internet through Wi-Fi or data connections.

New Line Systems recommends the below brands of intercom systems for your home or office.

  • Hikvision Intercom System
  • Commax Intercom System
  • Alcad Intercom System
  • Fermax Intercom System
  • Aiphone Intercom System
  • Comelit Intercom System

Types of Intercom Systems

Audio Intercom Systems

The most basic intercom system works using a simple two-way microphone so that you are able to hear and talk to the visitor. When someone rings your doorbell, the door intercom alerts you, probably by a signal at the wall mounted unit. An intercom (intercommunication device), interphone or talkback is a stand-alone voice communications system for use within a building or small collection of buildings, functioning independently of the public telephone network.

Video Intercom System

A video intercom system is a stand-alone intercom system that manages the calls made at the entrance of your house, an apartment or your office. Visitors make a call by pressing a button or dial a number at an externally mounted terminal. The terminal is equipped with both camera and speaker.

The Main Advantages of an Intercom System

CCTV Compatibility

Intercom systems along with CCTV enable the companies and house owners to restrict the access to the building or villa. Security or the responsible person can see the individual using the security. They can
communicate through intercom device and decide the action. It allows for better security at the entry points of the office or house.

Contact & Communication Management

Intercom systems are useful to establish proper contact management within a house or building. Intercom speakers in the building make it possible for everyone to hear a message at the same time. Thus, important messages can be announced with the help of intercom systems. Similarly, intercom systems also make it easy to locate someone, especially in urgent situations.

Extended Possibilities of Control

An intercom device can be used for more than just inter-office communication and external door access.
Intercom combined with interior door access can limit access to certain wings or rooms within the facility. Thus, only the authorized people are able to work in the designated areas.

Installation and Maintenance of Intercom Systems in Dubai

New Line Systems LLC is one of the best intercom installation companies in Dubai.Intercom systems are generally being used for home protection, security of multi-story buildings, warehouses and department stores. Inter office communication system keeps the staff of a large office connected.

Intercom devices may vary from a simple one to complex paging system. Simple one will have a mouthpiece fixed at the door and a connector in the building. Complex systems allow communication with a person at a specific desk, with different users in different channels. These kinds of intercom systems create an enhanced and efficient workflow. Here the workers do not have to leave their work space to respond to some call.

We supply audio intercom, video intercom, intercom with door lock and security features. Similarly, we provide intercom solution for high-rise buildings and direct telephone intercom systems with live display. Our
experienced team of engineers suggest and implement the suitable system at your premises.