Other Solutions

SMATV Systems

SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV) Systems are the most cost-effective reception mechanism for Satellite broadcasts. As the most efficient alternative for traditional TV dishes especially in places with a high
population, it also goes by the name Community satellite television installations. In apartments with multiple households, individual dish installations can crowd the frontage and spoil the view. For this reason, some building managers refrain from permitting such installations. SMATV Systems, ideally installed during the
construction of a building, is the perfect solution for such problems.

There are 2 types of SMATV Installation (ie. IF and RF System). Mainly RF system is used in commercial building
such as Hotel, Hospital, Mall etc and IF System in Residential Buildings. The total number of channels available
for distribution in RF will be the same as the number of modules on the head-end device. And every end
device – television screen or monitors – will have access to all the channels. The range of channels is from
12 to 24 for each HD headed system. And for each standard definition (SD) SMATV headend rack, this is from 12
to 36. And in IF System we can get all the channels in each satellite, but in IF system we have to use separate receiver with each tv for reception of channels.

We offer comprehensive SMATV Systems services from Installation, move, re-entry, and everything in between. Other related services include maintenance of the
distribution network, pre-wiring, and termination of cable at required locations.

Structured Cabling System

A Structured Cable System is a standardized infrastructure for wiring systems. It augments the safety factor of your establishment by accommodating the increasing demands of the technologies. The rapid evolution of technology makes it difficult to properly manage hardware architectures that keep adding up with the increased data storage requirements. This is where organized cabling comes to the rescue. You can reliably expand your firm’s technological setup without compromising the agility and stability. The structured cabling system simplifies the entire process and in turn, elevates your revenue charts.

In its essence, Structured Cabling is a product that integrates voice, data, and video functionalities. These are combined with building management systems like alarms and security access. The EIA/TIA 568 specifications are intended to capacitate a setting with multiple products and sellers.

PABX System

A Private Branch Exchange provides you with a system for facilitating the organization of private telephone networks. PBX enables connecting multiple phones that what PTSN phone lines permit. In addition to offering free calls between users, the system comes with features like call switching, voicemail, call recording, interactive voice menus (IVRs), and call queues.

Implementing an EPABX/PBX system will bring professional excellence to your business services. The greeting voice on call initiation and reduced waiting time mean that clients are impressed with your efforts to improve their experiences. The system makes sure that the consumer can reach you via the IVR number to guarantee customer services at all times. Other benefits include the ability to upscale without investing in additional staff, intelligent automation of calls, and assimilating information prior to a call.

PA/BGM System

A Public Announcement /Background Music System allows a person or group to address a larger number of people through a single device. The system comprises a variety of electronic audio devices connected to loudspeakers. The device is designed to facilitate mass communication in locations such as buildings and venues. As per your requirements, you can amp up the PA/BGM System with features like duking which is equipped with high-quality commercial mixer amplifiers for relaying background music. The sophisticated system is capable of seamlessly fading out the volume level of the music when an announcement is made through the microphone. The music level will gradually rise to the default volume after the announcement is completed.

Wi-Fi Installation Services

A flawless Wi-Fi installation will ensure uninterrupted connectivity throughout your workday. Our firm provides you Wi-Fi connectivity installation services for both commercial and domestic requirements. We have a team of expert and qualified engineers who will bring quality Wi-Fi installation services to your doorsteps in Dubai. Our proficient personnel will also aid you in other amenities like the installation and replacement of one Access Point and establish the connection of the device to the Ethernet.